Hot Spa

About the hot spa

100% natural spa water, pumped up undiluted from 1,000 meters below the nature-rich hills of Atami.
The spa features the largest supply of hot water (161.5 L/min) in the region.


Chronic muscular and joint pain and strain (chronic rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbago,
neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bruising, sprain, etc.),mild hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma or emphysema,
pile pain, autonomic instability, various symptoms caused by stress (such as sleep disorder and depression), recovery from illness, recovery from fatigue, and health promotion

●Indications by spring water quality
External wounds and scars, peripheral circulatory disturbance, cold limbs, depression, dry skin


Hot spring name: Atami Hot Spring No. 370
Spring water quality: Calcium, natrium, sulfate/chloride hot spring (hypotonic high-temperature alkaline hot spring)
Pool, large public bath: Undiluted 100% natural hot spa water without circulation or filtration
Water color: Colorless and transparent
Yield: 161.5 L/min.
Water temperature: 64.5℃

General contraindications:

  • Diseases in the active phase (especially with fever)
  • active tuberculosis
  • extreme debilitation caused by progressive malignant tumor
  • serious anemia, or other diseases
  • severe diseases of the heart or lungs accompanied with impaired breathing by even slight movement
  • severe diseases of the kidneys causing swelling
  • gastrointestinal bleeding or other visible bleeding, or the acute exacerbation phase of chronic diseases