House Rules


House rules

All users who use the facilities for weekday daytime use or for weekend overnight stays are advised to read the following house rules.
Violation of these rules may incur our specified penalty charges.
Soiling of the rooms or destroying or damaging the equipment or fittings provided in the facilities may result in the payment of cleaning or repair charges.

  • Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and indoor spaces. Smoking is permitted only in designated outdoor areas.
  • This site is located in the nature in Atami where there are many bugs and insects. Do not leave the windows and doors open in the evening.
  • Do not enter any room or space marked “Staff Use Only.”
  • Do not consume liquors and drinks displayed in the facilities without our permission.
  • The provided indoor slippers are for indoor use only. Do not wear them outdoors.
  • Be sure to change into the slippers when entering a “no shoes” area.
  • If the user commits an unlawful or socially inappropriate act, they may be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • Do not play music or movies loudly after 22:00
  • Do not bring food, drink or tableware into the bathing sections. Do not eat or drink in the bathing or swimming pool sections. Bringing in glassware is especially unsafe and is strictly prohibited.
  • We do not provide room service like hotels.
  • We do not allow pet animals on the premises.
  • We do not accept overnight guests without advance booking. Overnight stay without advance booking will incur penalty charges.
  • Our swimming pool is shallow. Do not attempt to jump into the swimming pool. Do not run or otherwise behave in an unsafe manner in or around the swimming pool. We do not accept responsibility for any injury or accidents suffered as a result of such unsafe behavior.
  • Young children must be escorted by an adult when using the baths and swimming pool.
  • Do not attempt to change the water flow rate or pressure.
  • Comply with the specified waste disposal rules.
  • As this site is located in nature, leaving food debris outdoors will attract wild animals (boars, etc.) and birds. Do not leave food items outdoors.
  • Do not fly drones or light fireworks on the deck without permission. Consult us in advance if you wish to use a drone or fireworks.
  • Do not enter the building while dripping-wet after using the swimming pool or baths. Use the provided towels to wipe yourself dry.
  • Do not attempt to use the facilities while drunk.