Luxurious extended-stay therapy services
combine human skills, time and space
in pursuit of perfect relaxation.

Guests are encouraged to relax in the undiluted 100% natural hot spa before receiving the beauty treatment for the best therapeutic effect.
If desired, you can enjoy another hot spa after the treatment.

Beauty service courses are as follows:

  • Lomi lomi and Facial Treatment(60-min, 90-min)
  • Facial treatment (30-min, 60-min)
  • Body + Facial treatment (60-min, 90-min)
  • Lymphatic therapy(60-min)
  • Reflexology(60-min)
  • Head spa therapy(60-min)

All packages can be booked up to a day in advance. Book for beauty services

*Price tax included.

Head spa therapy

60-min package9,000 yen
Dry head spa therapy (by an expert with Head Meister qualification)

Facial Treatment

60-min Lomi Lomi & beautiful skin facial treatment13,750 yen
30-min upper body Lomi Lomi + 30-min beautiful skin facial treatment
90-min Lomi Lomi & beautiful skin facial treatment22,000 yen
60-min upper body Lomi Lomi + 30-min beautiful skin facial treatment

Body+Facial Treatment

30-min beautiful skin facial treatment7,150 yen
Cleansing, face wash, massage, pack, moisturizing
60-min beautiful skin facial treatment14,300 yen
30-min package + Neck and Décolleté

Lomi lomi

60-min package13,200 yen
Relaxation therapy (on the back, from the neck to the waist, buttocks, backs of legs and backs of feet)
90-min package22,000 yen
To alleviate stiffness and back pain, swelling, whole-body fatigue
120-min package33,000 yen
To alleviate whole-body fatigue by lomi lomi, relieve stress, and relax the mind and body

Lymphatic therapy

60-min package 11,000 yen
  1. Facial slimming and body toning
  2. Stiffness and pain relief, body condition improvement
*Our lymphatic therapy is an oil-free, gentle touch treatment that can be received with the clothes on.


60-min package11,000 yen
Jakuseki reflexology